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Project management

We work all over Europe
managing waterproofing projects.
That's why you can trust our experience!

Technically brilliant

Our project management capabilities

1DRY design for waterproofing

100% safety thanks to our design professionals.

"High quality housing units in basements and basements built on land affected by aquifers, with a margin of error equal to zero in execution and under heavy pressure to meet delivery deadlines".

The expectations and quality standards required are always high. The integration of a professional designer in waterproofing, at the early stages of a construction project, is essential.

2White Tank System Waterproofing

Each "Drytech Swiss" White Tank system is a unique product

Behind every "System Drytech Swiss" White Tank install is a customised solution - a concept of waterproofing at the highest level, adapted to the needs of the customer, with an optimal ratio between costs, performance and sustainability. We guarantee impermeability well beyond all guidelines and norms.

3White Tank Plus Waterproofing

Reasons to choose White Tank Plus System for waterproofing

  • Maximum protection of 1st class waterproofing to SIA 272 standards as an extension to the traditional White Tank solution.
  • No complications or problems due to the presence of water.
  • No penetration of water behind the protective layers that are joined over the entire surface to the concrete.
  • Flexibile adaptation to changes in concrete construction
  • Prevent the penetration of the "carcinogenic" radon gas, in high concentrations in the Swiss Alps and partly in the Mittelland.
  • Prevents the release of harmful chemicals.
  • Exclusive to Drytech Swiss & partners.
  • Preprufe waterproofing cloth has been used for over twenty years by influential designers in prestigious projects and especially for underground constructions or constructions in the presence of ground water.
4Waterproofing Quality control
  • Plan control of planes
  • Flat irons check
  • Flat channel control
  • Checking fresh concrete at the construction sites
  • Concrete control strengthened with support from a laboratory
  • Control of iron laying and beton laying
  • Post-jet beton protection control
  • Quality control dossier at the end of the construction project
5Cost optimisation
We take advantage of all the technical possibilities and synergies to allow our customers to save time and money by achieving a cost-optimised, future-oriented structural waterproofing.

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