The history of ENGECO SA Waterproofing - Engeco SA Waterproofing

The history of ENGECO SA Waterproofing

Dr Alessandro Pini became an expert of the White Tank waterproofing systems and injection waterproofing systems at the Rascor group. Soon after this he accelerated his career and became a partner of the Drytech group and in 2017 he founded his own company, Engeco SA Waterproofing, by negotiating a technical and commercial agreement with Drytech Swiss AG. Today Engeco SA Waterproofing installs the traditional White Tank system and the newly developed White Tank Plus waterproofing systems.

Engeco SA Waterproofing operates in Switzerland with its own employees as partners to Drytech Swiss, and in Ticino, Italy in partnership with Engeco srl. Engeco SA Waterproofing guarantees the execution from small to large building waterproofing construction projects.

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