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Engeco Waterproofing SA

Guaranteed execution of waterproofing works from the smallest to the largest construction projects.
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Engeco Waterproofing SA operates in Switzerland and in Italy with its own staff. In Italy, Engeco SA operates in partnership with Engeco srl.

We work with 3 of the best waterproofing systems in the world: the White and White Tank Plus systems and the Drytech Injection system.

Our portfolio of projects covers the commercial, residential, tertiary and productive sectors in which guaranteed impermeability is the only acceptable public result.

We integrate our service delivery with project management, technical assistance and even complete installation if required. All our work qualifies for the SIA 272 regulations and the civil liability with insurance coverage.

Dr Alessandro Pini

Director and founder of ENGECO SA Waterproofing

Dr Alessandro Pini became an expert of the White Tank waterproofing systems and injection waterproofing systems...

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