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Unbeatable waterproofing services & quality control from a leading
waterproofing company in Switzerland and Italy

Project management

We work all over Europe planning and managing waterproofing for all kinds of reinforced concrete structures. That's why you can trust our experience!

Waterproofing design experts

We design waterproofing systems for demanding standards that aim for impeccable results.

Engineering calculations

The correct realisation of a White Tank system requires analysis of the reinforced concrete structures and the sizing of the casting patches.

Waterproof concrete design

With our design experience of waterproof concrete systems comes a guarantee that structures are static and waterproofed.

Structural waterproofing
underpinned by trust

Our waterproofing with White Tank 
technology comes with over twenty 
years of development from 
Drytech Swiss.





Latest waterproofing for construction projects in Switzerland and Italy

Our construction portfolio spanning the commercial, residential, agricultural and service sectors.

High-tech installation of White Tank waterproofing systems

all covered with a 10-year warranty

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